Thursday, September 15, 2005

The American Industry of skinniness

Ooooh my god. The topic came upon me when I read today's quote of the day:

"The Mayor of St. Louis is starting a campaign to get St. Louis removed from the list of America's Fattest Cities. The people of St. Louis knew they had a problem when some- one got stuck walking through the Arch."
--Conan O'Brien

Obesity. It's basically a worldwide problem, but nowhere else has it got as much importance as in the US. I decided to investigate the root of that quote in the news, here's what I found:

CBS: Mayor Whips St. Louis Into Shape

Oh well. I guess this is good news at last. So is America really waking up?

FOX: Kids Who Watch Lots of TV More Likely to Be Overweight

Now now now. I'd never have guessed, how pertinent.

CBS: Vigorous Exercise Key In Fat Fight

OMG! No, really?! Now you're teaching me such a lesson!


Now you're talking. I guess they have no choice but to reeducate people, if parents can't even do it themselves. It's still good news that the medias really start taking care of it... But there's the talk and there's the action.

Hey, come on! We ALL know what the real solution, it's no secret recipe: Regular exercising and healthy food. "Nah, it can't be that simple." Well it isn't, since it requires discipline. And discipline requires will and wisdom.

And it's no secret that most people always look for the easiest, most lethargy-prone solution. Just look at all the pills, the miraculous products, the diets... As people got bigger and fatter, fat-burning has become an Industry in itself! How come is it that the most money is always made upon people's biggest problems? Look at the banks, look at hospitals! Look at pharmacists! Look at... microsoft :)

I heard somewhere a couple of months ago that airplane companies should soon have no choice but charge double price to overweighted people since they're getting so many of them that planes will soon not be able to handle it any longer. I mean, is it me or there's a real problem there?

Oh well, i'm off now. I need to eat my HEALTHY dinner and then get my ass moving. :P

Have a nice evening :)


Special K said...

Don't you think it's ironic to see that the culture that has the most stringent standards for beauty also happens to be the fattest, most out-of-shape nation on the plantet?

Now THAT'S cognitive dissonance ;-)

As a woman, I have to admit it is hard growing up with aesthetical models that are unattainable - and I suspect they are a factor in comfort eating. It's even more difficult to choose a healthy lifestyle, since you have to WORK for it: it's not just about loosing weight and eating right, it's about accepting yourself, loving yourself and taking care of yourself. And that cannot be bought, rented or swallowed. There is only the hard way to a healthy lifestyle.

Olivier said...

What about actually GAINING weight...? ;)

Anonymous said...

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Vampailleur said...

Aaaah that's pathetic.

Nice philosophy... they probably only go to gym not to feel guilty after eating some Krispy Kremes in the first place..

I'd like to see what they do in their training... some "stair master" maybe?