Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Radiohead - In Rainbows price tag: However much you wish to pay

Wow. I can't congratulate enough music bands who make that sort of constructive thinking.

Instead of the awful lot of artists and record companies whom we can't seem to hear the end of their complaints, at least SOME artists are willing to live in the 21st century and find ways to get the benefit of it.

Radiohead, a very respectable and respected English music band (from which I happen to like many of the songs), have decided to make their last album, In Rainbows, available for download at any price we are willing to pay at all. Fans can pre-order now (I did!), and before october 10th, they will receive instructions for download.

Also, they do give the option to pay for what seems to be an awesomely beautiful disc box package, including CD, vynil and artwork for just 40£, shipping included. A very honest deal for any real fan, in my opinion.

I really hope more and more music bands go along the same lines as Radiohead just did; I believe it'll just increase the fans and music lovers' respect for the whole industry.

So go ahead, pre-order and enjoy your soon-to-be new Radiohead album! (I can't wait :D)

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